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Photography workshop for children aged 6 and over and their accompanying adults

What if everyone, as inventors, were charged with making the world a better place? How would humans transform their environment? What new ideas to develop? Which feelings reinforce?

Guided by the artist Luise Schröder (Berlin), the children can develop, build, design, shape and describe their own ideas! They get inspiration from the artist, researcher and inventor Paul Jaray, whose ideas and models are currently on display in the Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Your designs will then be exhibited in the mediation room of the Kunsthaus Dahlem until the end of the exhibition on September 3rd, 2023 and can then be picked up.

12:00 – 16:30
Registration on site, entry possible at 12:00, 1:30 and 3:00 p.m.

Luise Schröder is a visual artist who mainly lives in Berlin. In her artistic practice she deals with aspects of "history in the making" from today's perspective. She is interested in how cultures of remembrance and commemoration are influenced and shaped by political agendas, media and image production and how this affects identities and communities.

Additional information
Meeting point: Exhibition Entrance