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The Berlin poetry slam scene is known for its incomparable diversity. The poetry slam scene in Rome for their masterful performance. Supported by VIAVAI, we bring four poets from Italy to Wedding to prove once and for all which capital delivers the better show. You don't speak Italian at all - or German? Don't worry: We translate all texts into the other language with loving attention to detail, with poetry and rhythm. An extraordinary show of bilingual poetry.

The Wedding Slam Royale used to go by the name "Fusion Slam" - don't worry, they're still the old ones, just with a shinier name! Every edition is different here: At the only regular slam deluxe show in Berlin, they bring poetry slam together with other arts every month: crime, jazz, acting, painting, improv, comedy. Each show is absolutely unique!

Supported by ViaVai and WOW Roma Poetry Slam.

Where does the Wedding Slam Royale take place?

The main location of the Wedding Slam Royale is the Ballhaus Wedding - a chic hall for about 150 guests, near Osloer Straße. The Ballhaus Wedding brings this extraordinary show to a hall that couldn't be more appropriate: Between chandeliers and peeling plaster, a gold-decorated entrance and, well, the Wedding.