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What do climate change and species extinction have to do with the crisis of democracy?

Global environmental changes not only pose a threat to the very basis of our livelihoods; they also have far-reaching repercussions for the political and social structures of societies. The Humboldt Lab’s inaugural exhibition After Nature deals with the interdependencies of climate change and the loss of biodiversity and with worldwide challenges to democratic principles of order.

Key Visual Natürlich künstlich
Key Visual Natürlich künstlich © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss; Getty Images / solarseven, Yevgen Romanenko, Katsumi Murouchi; iStockphoto / dejan750

The crisis of nature is closely interlinked with societal crises. The liberal model of society, for example, with its promises of progress and prosperity has brought about enormous changes in people-environment systems.

And it has led to considerable inequalities, both within societies and between countries. The exhibition puts together in the form of a modern chamber of curiosities an entire range of research approaches to these and other current issues and relates them to positions from the history of science.

- Language: English, German
- Timed ticket required
- Free admission
- wheelchair accessible

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