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The musical foundation of Waterparks is always a poppy punk appeal, but over that the Texans sprinkle a variety of sounds. The vocals slip into rap parts, only to be alienated by autotune the next moment. Electronic excursions, jazzy harmonies, bubblegum pop and classic indie rock guitars add to the sound, and the guys are just as unafraid of thumping synths as they are of disco claps or hip-hop beats from the drums.

The trio - singer-guitarist Awsten Knight, guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood - has very humbly restored rock's vitality. In an almost magical way, it has attracted a growing band of loyal fans, who usually sell out its concerts quickly and stream the songs like crazy. This has taken them far up the rock and alternative billboard charts, headlining festival stages.

Their fifth album, Intellectual Property, now heralds a new era. Or as vocalist Awsten says, "It's bouncy shit. Even if it's aggressive, it's enthusiastic. There's a lot of energy behind this."

Waterparks are coming to Berlin in November.

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