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This show has been running since 1996 with always the same cast: one man, one mic, one screen, that’s all. And yet it is different every time. No show is like any other, every show is a standalone. But what, in fact, is a “video snippet lecture”? We could quote from the newspaper FAZ, wittily noting: Kuttner on stage is the proof that you can think and talk ten times faster in the typical Berlin dialect than in any other, and from the paper Berliner Zeitung, which refers to evenings reliably setting off bewildering as well as enlightening chains of association. Or Berlin’s Tagesspiegel which dubbed Kuttner the last enlightenment radical of our age.

And we could add on a more prosaic note that the cultural scientist in possession of a doctoral degree, Jürgen Kuttner, regularly delivers highly topical sociological status reports with the help of well-matured video clips from decades of German television in his shows titled “Videoschnipselvortrag”. Without wanting to sound too bland, we should add that these shows are not only likely to shake audiences’ moral-political foundations, but also burst their guts laughing.

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