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Family tour around the Orangery Palace for children from 8 years old

This rally for families focuses on the sculptures at the Orangerie Palace. In particular, we will take a closer look at the figures that embody the seasons and months. They can be recognized by the accessories they carry. Some of them can also be easily identified: Ice skates belong in winter, flowers in spring. But who knows when the sheep are sheared and why the man is holding an hourglass?

We have come up with appropriate group games for the months and seasons, which we will try out together. Sometimes you have to be clever, sometimes you have to pay attention, sometimes you have to wait for the right moment. Every child and every adult is needed with his or her abilities in the team! Join in, have fun together and learn interesting things about the Orangery Castle. The castle is not visited from the inside.

At the events for children and families there are regular opportunities to discover history in a playful and lively way: by listening, touching and trying things out for yourself. Each time, the focus is on a different topic.

(Program in German)
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Price: €12.00

Reduced price: €8.00