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Bluesy ballads, jazzy songs and latin grooves

The soundtrack for the summer! With her unmistakable, smoky, velvety voice, Susanna succeeds in creating a very charming mixture between the cool jazz style of Anita O'Day or Peggy Lee, the Parisian Rive-Gauche flair of Juliette Gréco and the sensual timbre of the Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, who, like Bartilla, was born in Berlin.

Susanna Bartilla's multi-faceted voice lets a selected repertoire of songs shimmer, which, with the right words and melodies, tell exactly the stories that touch you deeply. She exudes a warm, intimate stage presence that immediately captivates the audience.

  • Susanna Bartilla (vocals), Helmut Bruger (piano), Mike Segal (alto sax), Martin Lillich (bass), Kenny Martin (drums)