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performative audio-visual event

While the wavy lines of the Vitruvian Scroll guide the eye, its tones embrace the ear in elegant harmony. The recurring motif of the ornament creates a space of continuity while the sounds create an area that unfolds to unleash the imagination. Just like the ornament, it ignites the flame of inspiration in the soul.

As the waves sing on the shores of existence, they beckon to protection, where transformation drives the heartbeat and togetherness becomes the choir.

The audience is invited to enter a space in which sound and image combine.

The Vitruvian Scroll project combines ambient, experimental music and performance art with audiovisual work.

A space for creative exchange, encounters and listening experiences.

Created by aversatrix & belladonna of sadness (sound) @aversatrix @carlotta_drinkewitz & neslob & rayne (audiovisuals) @berggipfel @neslob_

  • 14:00 Aversatrix B2B Belladonna of Sadness
  • 16:30 Transgangster + theo_retisch (live)
  • 6:00 p.m. DJ Slouh B2B Zarrt Audiovisual: Neslob & Rayne (live)

Entrance fee: at least €5
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