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A time travel party

The Ballhaus Wedding becomes a time machine the flying Ballhaus through time starts this time in the year 1923. The Ballhaus Wedding lands in a different city and in a different time with every flight. Surrounded by the charm of the 1920s, inclined guests fly back in time in the Ballhaus time machine and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Great artists (Ernesto Lucas, Ludwig Drengk, Marin Cactas, Johanna Lux, Gwenadou, Rosa Lisa and others) will give you an unforgettable evening. The basement is transformed into a boudoir with gaming tables (Plain & Cheval - Christian Schülke). Of course, delicious drinks and great snacks (on everyone's lips) await you at our Marlene Bar.

Put on the right clothes and off you go: A band from that time, a small casino in the basement, the right music, great walking acts, small culinary delights.

VERTIGO - if you get dizzy, then it worked.

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Additional information
Participating artists
(JazzyFeet (Charleston-Teaser & Showtanz)
Ernesto Lucas (Live-Malerei)
Ludwig Drengk (Hochzeitspriester)
Marin Caktas (Wahrsager)
Johanna Lux (Zauberin)
Gwenadou (Bauchladenfräulein)
Rosa Lisa (Kontorsion)
Toolbox Orchestra
DJ Johnny