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The artist Ute Essig is showing a new work in this exhibition: It is 1 sqm Berlin, created as a porcelain work in 2005, but now in a new outfit. The porcelain recreates Berlin paving stones from all 12 districts. The hard granite stone now appears paradoxically in fragile and elegant porcelain.

Henrik U. Müller, who forms a studio community with Ute Essig, responds to her wall installation with his panel paintings. His panel work, consisting of a few or numerous panels, has an idiosyncratic character that combines photography with painting. Individual panels are even subtly tilted. The work thus becomes visual, but also haptically tactile.
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Gallery Weekend: 26.04. from 12:00-20:00, 27.04. from 12:00-19:00, 28.04. from 12:00-16:00