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Encounters with a form of government. The International Day of Democracy in the Futurium

Between crisis mode and a spirit of optimism: Where is democracy headed? The challenges for Germany's political system to find the right answers in the future have perhaps never been greater.

The evening shows different realities of life in Germany and thus different perspectives on life in our country.

Democracy revolves around the commitment of individuals. Why is that, in fact? And how can we get involved in the first place? Democracy is a journey. Be part of it!

  • Laurenz Aller
  • Elina Eickstädt
  • Joseph Ndogmo

  • Erik Heier, deputy editor-in-chief tipBerlin
  • Aida Baghernejad, cultural journalist and podcaster

Language: German
Venue: Forum
Admission is free of charge.
Conditions of participation: no previous knowledge required
The event is for interested people of all ages.
A ticket is required. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.
Beverages and food will be available for purchase.

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