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Lecture in English

This third and final lecture on the historical origins and scientific background of the Nazis' use of poison gas as a killing method focuses on its use in the "euthanasia" program, the "Aktion Reinhardt" extermination camps in Auschwitz. Birkenau and other camps and places.

Cameron Munro's recent research reveals significant new insights into how, when and why the Nazis came to use a variety of killing methods, including three different poison gases, combined with mass shootings and other techniques. These findings also provide important new information about the origins of the Nazi killing programs.


Adam Kerpel-Fronius, research associate, Memorial Foundation for the Murdered Jews of Europe

Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee

Lecture (in English)
Cameron Munro, Chairman Tiergarten4Association e.V.

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