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Under Tears is the musical solo project of Julie Fogarty, one half of the infamous synth pop duo Evvol. Her first EP Becoming Nobody was released in March. A deeply personal meditation on love, loss and redemption, it oscillates between self-love and self-deprecation, pain and hope, remorse and forgiveness.

“It’s about the emotional beatings we take in relationships, self-forgiveness, letting go and finding love,” Julie explains. Being intoxicated by someone, abandoning ourselves in love-sick obsession and the full circle rediscovery of the authentic self are all explored in this beautiful 5-track EP from which she will play at the concert.

From the agony to the ecstasy, Under Tears wants to roll around with you in the mess and beauty of life.

“Vivid and poetic attentiveness to the kind of minutiae that one tends to cling to for dear life during an intense experience.” - Gorilla Vs. Bear

Gregory Pearce: Experimental, ambient, psychedelic synth pop

Gregory Pearce is a New Zealand born experimental musician based in Berlin. Gregory blends unconventional approaches to composition with intimate textures to create playful and sonically adventurous music. His first album Live Laugh Love was released in November.

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