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The exhibition 'Un-familiar Ground' provides insights into women's special relationship with alchemy through the works of two UK-based artists, Jo Pearl and Steph Buttle.

The "Half Full" series by Steph Buttle, a versatile artist, explores the container and the potential it contains. In her work she uses ceramics, found objects and media to explore movement and expression.

Ceramic sculptor and filmmaker Jo Pearl presents "Unearthed," a collection of fantastical characters inspired by worms, beetles, fungal mycelium, soil bacteria and microbes, a celebration of life. By playing with scale, Pearl expands perception and understanding of the meaning of life.

The exhibition "Un-familiar Ground" will take place from October 4th to 14th in the Anke Buchmann studio and showroom at Sredzkistraße 46, 10435 Berlin.

This place is a unique interface between contemporary art and the creative process in artist Anke Buchmann's ceramics studio. While the artist creates her own works in the studio, works from the fields of ceramics, photography, painting and mixed media by selected artists are presented in the showroom.