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The event for all pizza lovers is coming back to Berlin!

No matter the type or the topping, pizza is the symbol of Italian cuisine. The True Italian Pizza Week aims to honor it with a special initiative featuring the best pizzerias in the German capital (and at the same time in other  German cities and many pizzerias all around Germany).

For a whole week, from September 14th until September 20th, in many pizzerias in Berlin you will be able to taste an authentic Italian pizza (choosing between two types on offer), an Aperol Spritz or a Crodino for just 15 €.

You won't need a card or a ticket for the event: just go to one of the pizzerias in our list and ask for the event details.

For the occasion we will prepare the Pizza Week Berlin Map which is traced on the Berlin underground and shows all the restaurants participating in the event.

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