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With their new album "Tango cruzado", the trio La Bicicleta throws everything into the ring that defines tango nuevo for them: pulsating, intersecting rhythms merge with jazzy improvisations and neoclassical echoes to create a program full of adrenaline, melancholy, love and intensity.

Corinna Söller's compositions, created from improvisations at the piano, combine passionate emotions with infinitely tender intimacy. Judith Brandenburg's cycle "Four Seasons" contains surprising contrasts and adds a moving, unique color to Tango nuevo.

From classical concert halls and festivals in Europe, Japan or Vietnam to jazz clubs and milongas in Argentina, the three classically trained musicians captivate the audience and play with a virtuosic nonchalance that inspires and makes them curious about a lot - and even more.

Tango cruzado!

Admission: VIP €25, normal €18, children & students €13
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