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on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of her death on June 20th, 2023 with Gina Pietsch & Frauke Pietsch

“Write something about women, maybe”, this request was sent to Clara Zetkin by her best friend Rosa Luxemburg on November 18, 1918, supplemented

with the sentence "this is so important now, and none of us here understands anything of that."

Rosa knows, Clara is the specialist when it comes to women. In the
The bourgeois public called her the Red Emanze, Kaiser Wilhelm the most dangerous witch in the German Reich, Alice Schwarzer a decidedly anti-feminist socialist, Goebbels simply a pig.

The event honors her as a campaigner for women's suffrage, as the founder of International Women's Day, as a politician, theorist, educator, journalist, socialist, Marxist, pacifist and feminist.

(Program in German)