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from Caryl Churchill

Children or career? Have other people's backs or get started yourself? – When looking for success, do women have to choose between their own needs and the expectations of those around them? - The questions that the play “Top Girls” by the British playwright Caryl Churchill deals with have lost none of their relevance even after around 40 years since its premiere.

The play tells the story of Marlene, a successful career woman who strives for power and recognition in a male-dominated world. Marlene, director of the “Top Girls” employment agency, invites six women from world history to dinner for her promotion. An entertaining discussion group will be held by women from different centuries and cultures about the pursuit of a fulfilled, successful life - and what personal sacrifices this pursuit can demand.

It will be exciting when these historical personalities reappear in the second part of the play as modern job seekers or employees in the employment agency with Marlene as the newly appointed managing director...

"Top Girls" is a powerful, thought-provoking reflection on the role of women in society. It addresses social challenges, capitalist self-exploitation in a male-dominated world and the search for one's own identity.
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Participating artists
Stefanie Brüning
Moni Schopp
Caroline Ritter
Doro Monaco
Denisa Palikarova
Jeannette Bartel-Said Fawy
Birgit Müller
Mona Glass
Stefan Wedegärtner
Heidi Zerning