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Literatur LIVE

After the great success of "Komm zu Nix", bestselling author Tommy Jaud is now on tour with even funnier everyday stories and cheerfully breaks one taboo after the other with his satires. Are you convinced that you are the world's best dishwasher loader? Are you less afraid of artificial intelligence than of natural stupidity? And are you also extremely annoyed that your partner flits every new series out of your face and wants to see the original version of the ones that remain? Yes?

Then Jaud's satirical feel-good tour 23/24 is just right for you!

Tommy Jaud is a German novelist, satirist and screenwriter. In 2004, Jaud's first novel »Vollidiot« was number 1 on the bestseller lists. In 2006, »Resturlaub« came to the top of the list. The cinema adaptations of both books attracted almost two million viewers. Jaud's screenplay for the TV comedy »Zwei Santaslaen« was awarded the German Comedy Prize in 2009. This was followed by the Vollidiot novel sequel »Millionaire« and the travel comedy »Hummeldumm«, the bestseller of the year 2010. Two years later, Jaud published the last part of his Simon Peters series with »Überman«, and in 2016 the advice parody »I have to do a shit: The manifesto against the bad conscience«. In 2019, his bestseller »Der Löwe büllt« became the perfect holiday read. Even in the turmoil of 2022, Jaud is fulfilling his entertainment mission and publishes »Come to nothing – nothing done and still done«. Not a novel, but feel-good stories for our time.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with the Thalia bookstore.

(Program in German)

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