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TOLYQYN are an international trio from Berlin, founded by Roland

Satterwhite (among others Moka Efti Orchestra). Musically, the band moves between rock, jazz, West African rhythms, as well as other genres from which the musicians have been influenced on their countless sound journeys around the world.

With their unusual lineup of vocals/viola, electric guitar and drums, the band opened up whole new spheres of sound and released their self-titled debut in 2020. The album was highly praised by critics and earned the band their first media exposure, including, an invitation to appear on ZDF Morgenmagazin.

The album was also well received on the radio, with MDR Kultur writing, for example. "Roland Satterwhite's virtuoso way of playing the viola is the common thread in this colorful mix of different styles. Sometimes his viola sounds like a bass, then again like a West African kora. A very exciting debut!" The first festival appearances and concerts on club stages in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark followed, including International Music Meeting, (NL) Tollwood (DE), Traumzeit (DE) and Copenhagen Jazz Fest (Roots & Jazz).

New songs will be released on the album SILVER SEED on 20.10.

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