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Children and youth dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin)

"TEXERE" comes from Latin and means to weave or braid. The choreography of the same name by Gabriel Galindez Cruz with members of the Kinder- und Jugendtanzcompany Sasha Waltz & Guests is inspired by texts by the Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano and images by the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado.

The dance piece "TEXERE" is an examination of the realities of a socially unjust world, which the works of the two artists give voice to, and at the same time a sensual discovery of the poetics hidden in the fabric, in the material of the artists.

In dialogue with each other and with the aforementioned works, the young dancers found individual ways to embody realities of this foreign world that at first glance seemed to be none of their business. But how far away from us are these realities really? Do our lifestyle and our surroundings have an influence on this other world?

By and with

Anais Sakka Camelin, Lola Cajarville, Mira Antonina, Campo Jastrzębski, Lou Czaia, Luise Finger, Pablo Fontaine, Jasper Frank, Frida Gabriel, Julia Clara Gerevich, Lea Knöppler, Caia Leseure, Josephine Martingell, Nola Lee Meyer, Antonia Miriam Milbrodt, Emilio Münch, Hannah Pirot, Mina Scheid, Bruno Schindlbeck

  • Gabriel Galindez Cruz – Concept and choreography
  • Javier Blanco Núñez – Assistance choreography
  • Federico Polucci – Costumes
  • Justyna Gmitrzuk – Assistance costume design
  • Arnaud Poumarat – Lighting
  • Emilie Guérin – Project lead Kinder- und Jugendtanzcompany

The Kinder- und Jugendtanzcompany is a project by Sasha Waltz & Guests I Education & Community in cooperation with Radialsystem.

Sasha Waltz & Guests is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

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