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We like to be seduced. But not by everyone and certainly not to everything. But those who have mastered political, amorous or religious seduction with a high pile of stakes can easily ignore such resistance. For perhaps true seduction only begins when the self's own leadership comes to an end. With his new play, Lukas Bärfuss gets to the bottom of the erotic and political dimensions of imposture.

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Additional information
by Lukas Bärfussdirector: András Dömötör
Participating artists
András Dömötör (Regie)
Magda Willi (Bühne)
Fruzsina Nagy (Kostüme)
Tamás Matkó (Musik)
Robert Grauel (Licht)
Juliane Koepp (Dramaturgie)
Ulrich Matthes
Birgit Unterweger
Julia Windischbauer
Tamás Matkó (Live-Musik)