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ARS SALTANDI Concept Company

Talking, but not really getting through. In the piece "Temporary Unavailable", the positive and negative sides of interpersonal barriers are explored in a mixture of contemporary dance and acrobatics.

We are reachable at all times of the day and night, but do we ever really reach each other? Even face to face, we sometimes can’t get through to the other person, are misunderstood or not heard. These impenetrable barriers between people are explored in the dance piece "Temporary Unavailable". The good and the bad sides of sealing oneself off and building walls are put to the test, as well as the necessity of tearing down these walls once in a while. The actors express their thoughts and emotions through dance, acrobatics and voice.

By and with

Thea Bentz, Paul Henke, Maurin Katholnigg, Jule Klapproth, Lisa Mann,Ben Nowack, Liana Radke, Tobias Remmel, Khira Scharf, Zoé Schneider, Liese Schnitger, Hannah Scholtyssek, Laura Voronovic

  • Lunis Katholnigg – Choreography
  • Katrin Katholnigg – Director of the company
  • Maurin Katholnigg – Composition and editing
  • Benjamin Plück Wolves – Composition
  • Larissa von Behren, Walter Hapke – Photography

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