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Longing for lost and won love, longing for the abandoned and the new home - those who rest in themselves are at home everywhere.

Born and raised in Romania in a family of musicians, Julian Badaruta came into contact with classical music and Romanian folklore at a very early age. Starting with playing the clarinet, he later developed his passion for singing.

As a trained clarinetist, Julian gained his experience in numerous projects with international musicians in Germany, France and Romania and took part in many workshops where he was able to further develop his personal sound.

Julian has been living in Berlin as a freelance artist since 2017. Here he dedicated himself to the tango, not only with the clarinet, but also as a singer. With his deep and colorful baritone voice, he expresses the melancholy, sensitivity and passion of Argentine tango.

After his first studio recording (2020) as a tango singer in collaboration with established musicians from the Berlin tango scene, Julian performs in concerts and at events.

Bandonegro Orchestra:
Michał Główka - bandoneon / accordion, Jakub Czechowicz - violin, Marek Dolecki - piano, Marcin Antkowiak - double bass
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