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SHIFT BOOKS presents Julie Legouez: The Cure, 2024

With the new event series TALKING BOOKS, C/O Berlin will regularly shine a spotlight on the world of photo books from spring 2024. In addition to the diversity of its forms and formats, its use as an artistic medium and its reception in research and criticism, the focus here is on local book culture.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the C/O Berlin Café, Berlin bookstores present their favorite books, publishers and photographers present their latest projects and experts exchange ideas with the audience about the many facets of the relationship between photography and books.

To kick things off, the Berlin publisher SHIFT BOOKS presents The Cure, the first publication by the artist Julie Legouez. The book is divided into ten chapters in which the artist shows her personal processing as a victim of domestic violence. Legouez presents meticulously collected details in a “file” that serve as the basis for the graphic design and structure of the book. Parallel to the exhibition Laia Abril. On Rape – And Institutional Failure, The Cure offers a personal insight into the topics of domestic violence and coping with trauma.

Julie Legouez. Artist and author / Helena Melikov. Co-Founder. Art Direction SHIFT BOOKS / Sophia Greiff. Curator C/O Berlin / Raluca Blidar. Head of Bookshop C/O Berlin

Café C/O Berlin x Barkin’Kitchen

  • admission free
  • first come first serve
  • Exhibitions not included

Julie Legouez, born in Viersen in 1988, is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Berlin. She studied fine art at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art and the Emiliy Carr University in Vancouver, Canada, and presented her works at national and international exhibitions, most recently at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. In 2023, Legouez received the NEUSTARTplus scholarship from the Kunstfonds Foundation and she has been working as a freelance curator since 2022.

SHIFT BOOKS is a photo and art book publisher from Berlin that places particular emphasis on holistically sustainable production. With a diverse publishing program, SHIFT BOOKS creates space for discussions about gender, political and cultural issues and thus offers an important contribution to the social debate. The publisher works with emerging and established artists to create unique publications that combine artistic and social relevance.