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Lecture by Dr. Ulrike Schmiegelt-Rietig, SPSG, on the Day of Provenance Research

Antoine Pesne's portrait of Elisabeth Dorothea von Wallmoden, Baroness von Buddenbrock is one of a series of eight portraits of ladies-in-waiting of Queen Elisabeth Christine, the wife of Frederick II. They were originally in the queen's private rooms in the Berlin Palace. Today they are shown in the garden hall of Schönhausen Palace.

The portrait of “the beautiful Iris” changed hands many times over the course of the 20th century. It was sold, confiscated, stolen, nearly destroyed, recovered, restored and returned before finding its current home.

The provenance researcher Dr. Ulrike Schmiegelt-Rietig presents the painting's eventful history and gives an insight into the challenges of her field. The lecture takes place as part of the Provenance Research Day at Schönhausen Castle.

Admission is free. Donations for a restoration project are welcome.
Additional information
Meeting point: Garden room

Booking: Registration from 4 weeks before the date: 030.40 39 49 26 25 or