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Josephine Haas

Josephine Haas' dance theater piece "swallow me" examines the resilience of nature in relation to humans. Just as nature destroys to reconstruct, humans can deconstruct preconceived stories/traumas in the body and rewrite them with empowering narratives. By allowing the stories of the body to consume them like waves in the sea, people let go of what they no longer need from the stories, hold on to the power, and rise up resilient and fierce.

How can movement rewrite the history stored in our body's memory? The body relates to perceptions based on previous experiences. Through the act of moving, reliving the experience, one can let go of the old narrative and create a new story.
Additional information
Artistic direction, choreography, performance: Josephine Haas

Dramaturge advice: Judith Sanchez Ruíz

Residency support: Theater Haus Mitte 

Funded by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland Distanz Solo