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Suzanna sings songs from her new album "Suzanna sings songs by Alexandra". Suzanna brings back to the stage the well-known hits like "My friend the tree", "Longing" and other hits of Alexandra. Even with lesser known songs like "Schwarze Balalaika", "Moskauer Nächte", "Abend der Rosen" or "Im sechsten Stock" the audience will wonder if Suzanna sounds like Alexandra or vice versa.

Außenansicht Zimmer 16
Außenansicht Zimmer 16 © tic, Foto Uwe Precht

Suzanna, the singer with the dark voice, lives in Berlin, where she once gave her first concerts. Suzanna is one of the most important, beautiful voices in Berlin today. Here she was the voice of Eastern European and Russian songs, even before the opening of the Wall brought new songs, musicians and colleagues to all of Berlin.
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Zimmer 16