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Together for more sustainability in the neighborhood

From September 4th to 9th, 2023, the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden will focus on the topic of environmental protection. During the six sustainability days, the focus is particularly on partners whose business models and products are geared towards sustainable food and beverages. Environmentally friendly workshops are also in the foreground.

Visitors have the opportunity to find out more on site, to try things from Burkhard Hickisch, the expert for green smoothies, to take part in handicraft workshops free of charge and to receive delicious culinary inspiration and sample portions from Berlin's top chef Markus Herbicht.

Colorful and environmentally friendly tea blends and other beautiful products such as personally designed lunch boxes, reusable cloth bags, insect hotels, herb gardens and homemade household cleaning products are created in the DIY workshop area. In addition, the wheel of fortune lures with sustainable profits.

On the lower floor of the arcades, various areas are used daily: a stand with a focus on food and nutrition, a stand serving healthy green smoothies, an area for sustainable workshops and a partner stand with new projects, innovative products or fascinating companies are presented.

This family-friendly experience is accessible with no entry fees.