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Summer, sun, sand and more

You don't have to go far away for that, because you can find all that and much more at the TJP in Köpenick!

The TJP team is looking forward to spending a little educational vacation with you, making utensils and gimmicks for "being on the go".
or to experience a journey to the limits of creativity and beyond:

  • Feel the warming power of the sun with a solar finger warmer and a mini solar thermal cell for your pocket.
  • Experiment and play with kinetic sand, a magic sand that can be moulded like plasticine
  • Mix and tests quicksand, a non-Newtonian liquid that can be solid and liquid at the same time
  • Experiment with water, mixes bubble solution and blows giant bubbles
  • Float on the creative wave and creates unique pendants from natural materials, wood, shells, beads and much more
  • Print individual name tags with the 3D printer
  • Build a small sailboat out of wood
  • Create a rubber-powered raft and a jumping dolphin out of wood
  • Sew fun, colourful and practical bags and pouches for the beach or for shopping on a city trip
  • Print on textiles with our plotter
  • Have fun with lots of skill and outdoor games
Refreshments will be provided on site.
Admission is free and the activities are free of charge.
Registration is not necessary.
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