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The new, meanwhile 14th album of SUBWAY TO SALLY, primeval rocks of the middle age rock, has the title "HIMMELFAHRT". The dystopian lyrics of the predecessor "HEY!" are a thing of the past. Their new album is a turning point. "Himmelfahrt" is an end and a new beginning at the same time.

Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne
Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne © AHOJ! SOUVENIRMANUFAKTUR


The new songs are about departure and journey. Musically, the Potsdamers also deliver a wonderful mix of gutter hits and great melodies.

The thirty years of stage and studio experience can be felt in every note and shows that they have an irrepressible hunger for stage and their audience. Seeing SVBWAY TO SALLY live is still the best way to convince yourself of the quality of their live concerts, their songs, their superior craft and their love for their audience. So: Let's go to Ascension!

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