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An event with the Anton Rubinstein International Academy of Music. Look forward to Olha Stulkova (flute) and Mikhail Mordvinov (piano).

GRAFIK MUSIKFLÜGEL © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

The following will be performed:

  • Claude Debussy: Prelude A L'apres-midi d'un Faune for flute and piano;
  • Yevhen Stankovych (UA): Sonata of the Serenades for flute and piano;
  • André Jolivet: Cabrioles for flute and piano;
  • Franz Schubert: Introduction and Variations in E minor on the song "Trockne Blumen" D 802 for flute and piano.
Additional information
Price: €10.00

Reduced price: €5.00