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children's theater from 8 years

Here she is supposed to work, young Vanya, and if possible not rebel: in the junkyard, in a broken world.  Nonsensical activities determine the daily routine. In her surroundings there is fear, disorientation and powerlessness. No wonder she has no desire and simply does nothing.

KEY VISUAL Die starke Wanja
KEY VISUAL Die starke Wanja © Christian Costea

But one thing interests her: What are people actually afraid of? And why do they spend their days doing meaningless things when they could be planting trees, saving animals or building a ladder to heaven?

For seven years, Wanja remains silent and thinks about it. Then she sets out - and asks. Her questions lead her away from the junkyard into another world. She deals with fear, with tall tales and resentment. And finally comes back to make the junkyard a place of community.

Inspired by Otfried Preußler's story, the play asks what strength means today.

Does the roof of the house have to be raised, do the och, the babajaga and the stone knight have to be defeated, or can strength be something else entirely? What does strength mean in an environment that trembles before the Babajaga without ever having met her?

Our Vanya - a girl - does not ascend the Tsar's throne in the end. She changes the coexistence of the people in her village through her actions.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Karim Bauke (Video)
Katrin Bischof (Kostüm)
Iana Boitcova (Licht)
Philip Klose (Dramaturgie)
Daniel Koch (Regie)
Radu Nagy (Musik)
Marco Riedel (Ausstattung)
Dirk Thiele (Bühne)
Hedwig Schaarenberg
Larissa Fichtner
Anne Weise