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Even before the war began in 2011, around 18 million Syrians were living abroad. Due to the refugee movements of the following years, more Syrians now live in the diaspora than in the country itself. Almost all diplomatic attempts at the international level to improve the situation have failed. Therefore, there are increasing numbers of voices that see the future - including that of Europe's Syria policy - in the diaspora.

Over the past ten years, numerous initiatives have been founded that want to work towards a democratic future for all Syrians. There is a lot of commitment and creativity to be seen. There is not yet a cross-border, Europe-wide association of all democratic Syrian actors.

The aim of the conference is to create initial sparks and promote direct exchange with politics, administration and the media, which concludes a multi-year preparation and coordination process.

The meeting will take place in Berlin - the "exit metropolis" and capital of the country, which has become a new home for the largest Syrian community in Europe.
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