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As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. This is evident every year at the national championships of the bakers' and confectioners' guild. In October, the best trainees from the bakery, confectionery and specialist sales sectors gather to demonstrate their skills. Her goal: the title of national champion, which will then represent her at the Germany-wide competitions.

In addition to classic baked goods, participants present impressive displays where they can let their imagination run wild. There are no limits when it comes to design - the perfect opportunity to show which techniques are mastered and how to combine them to create impressive delicacies.

On October 26th it will be the turn of the young bakers and confectioners. In this competition they not only have to score points with the taste of their products, but also with their presentation. The jury not only evaluates the taste, but also the appearance of the baked goods. Perfection is therefore required so that no particle becomes too dark or the roll becomes too dry.

"Participating in the national championship opens up a whole new world for our trainees. In the best case scenario, they can advance to the world championship, which takes place in a different location every year. In 2023, the championship will be held in Taiwan, where the participants can show what they can do "You can conjure them up from dough," says Marian Kalliske, head of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of German Bakers, proudly.

The winners in the various disciplines will be invited to the German Championships in November, where they can compete against representatives from other federal states.

Let's start with the exciting competition - the national championship of the bakers' and confectioners' guild!