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30.11. - 26.12.2023

They are adored by millions of fans worldwide: great music legends such as Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Cher or Elton John have written music history and will indeed never be forgotten. These excellent artists can be experienced firsthand in the cult show "Stars in Concert" as the megastars stand side by side in front of the audience here every evening.

From the 30 November the motto of this unique Live Show is "We wish you a Merry Christmas", when the artists set the mood  with the loveliest American Christmas songs in the traditional Christmas special of "Stars in Concert".

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Participating artists
Bernhard Kurz (Produzent)
Coco Fletcher (Tina Turner)
Grahame Patrick (Elvis Presley)
Rachel Hiew (Mariah Carey)
Chris – „Jake“ / Goeff – „Elwood“ Dahl (Blues Brothers)
ML Jordan (Louis Armstrong)
Roz Thomas (Diana Ross)