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Guided tour of the special exhibition

"Quantz is the god of music" - this is how Crown Prince Frederick raved about his flute teacher in a letter to his sister Wilhelmine von Bayreuth in 1732. And indeed, the flutist and composer Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773), who later worked at the court of Frederick II, is a phenomenon.

He was one of the first musicians ever to combine musical instrument making, his own compositions, reflections on musical aesthetics and reflections on musical interpretation. He thus stands as a prototype for an overarching musical work that is reflected today in the comprehensive research fields of the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Preußischer Kulturbesitz.

The 250th anniversary of his death in 2023 will be commemorated by the Institute's Museum of Musical Instruments with an exhibition on the life and work of Johann Joachim Quantz. It will be on display from September 2023 to February 2024. The exhibition will focus on the flutes owned by Quantz and Frederick II, which are among the most valuable objects in the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum.
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