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Orders everywhere: classifications, assignments, subordinations. Odile Kennel's new volume of poetry "Something in between" (Verlagshaus Berlin, 2023) is a plea for disorder.

The focus is on the site of so many attempts at order: the body, which cannot be pigeonholed into identity boxes. The sensual poems are about unfolding, about unfolding - and about an ordering apparatus par excellence: language. And yet Kennel's poems move across languages, immerse themselves in sound, meander, rumble and sometimes lose their head.

That evening, Odile Kennel reads from the new volume and talks to the illustrator Anja Nolte, who developed opulent drawings for the poems, about the joint project. Andrea Schmidt, publisher at the Berlin publishing house, will host the evening.

Odile Kennel lives as a poet and translator in Berlin. She writes in German and French and likes to include other languages in her texts. In her essay “LUST” (Verlagshaus Berlin, 2022) and her volume of poetry “Hors Texts” (Verlagshaus Berlin, 2019) she explores the space between text and sex. This is also the case in her new volume of poetry “Something in between”. In 2022, Odile Kennel was awarded the Paul Scheerbart Prize for her poetry translations. “LUST” was on the shortlist for the Book Women’s Prize in 2023.

Anja Nolte worked as a nurse in a closed psychiatric hospital before studying communication design in Hamburg. Since then, she has been working freelance in Berlin as a multimedia artist, author and illustrator for art and cultural institutions, advertising agencies and publishers. The book “Im Verborgenen” with poems by Konstantínos Kaváfis (Verlagshaus Berlin, 2014), which she illustrated, was named one of the “Most Beautiful German Books of 2015” by the Buchkunst Foundation. Most recently she illustrated the poems of Odile Kennel in the volume “Something in between”.
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