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fairy tales - really grim!

This enchanting theater world takes the audience into a fascinating world. All that is needed is two talented actors, the familiar original text and an intimate stage to create a theater experience of the highest quality.

This specially developed format, in which two half-hour fairy tales are performed in each performance, impressively illustrates how closely the unique charm of these stories, their idiosyncratic comedy and the stirring tension are linked to our deepest fears and longings.

The stage becomes a living gift table that has something special for everyone - an extremely entertaining experience for everyone.

Snow White

Snow-white, blood-red and black like the soul of the step-queen... Falsehood, resentment, vanity and beautiful murders, a delicate child in the snow with seven dubious dwarves: a complete classic, but one that doesn't spare us anything. In this fairy tale, chaotic poetry, grotesque absurdity and quirky monstrosity push into the twilight with untamed wildness and want to make themselves believable to us. Don't sleep through the most beautiful nightmare ever dreamed!

Hansel and Gretel

The daily shock reports of abandonment and abuse arouse our outrage, and we turn to the stock market or sports in disgust. But when Hansel and Gretel secretly sneak into our hut, they are long dead: spoiled, frozen, consumed. The little corpses, withdrawn and shy, confess to us what happened to them. And somehow the ghosts manage to drag us along into their nameless horror: we become the child ourselves, standing around godlessly in the cold forest night, left alone, lost... Mom? Father? Doesn't anyone hear us? Is there no help coming from anywhere? No? No, only the evil witch hears our calls and everything, everything keeps getting worse: Not a nice fairy tale, that! Because it's not a fairy tale.
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