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fairy tales - really grim!

An entertaining theater experience: two actors, a familiar original text and an intimate stage! Once upon a time - Grimm's Fairy Tales in the Glass Palace.

The specially designed format, which presents two half-hour fairy tales per performance, underlines the close connection between the unique charm of these stories, their special comedy and the gripping, scary atmosphere with the deep-rooted fears and hopes of everyone.

In no time, the stage is transformed into a festively set table with something for everyone: highly entertaining enjoyment.

Sleeping Beauty

Be a child again. Isn't that what everyone wants!? Letting go again, following your inner instinct to play and simply being able to ask naive questions again: This is something that few adults are allowed to make use of. It is a child's infantile passion for play and creativity that we adults can learn the most from and that is deeply rooted in each of us. Being a child is not a phase of life, but a part of being human. It is also slumbering within you and is just waiting to be kissed awake from its Sleeping Beauty sleep. May the gaming never end again!

Stick out of the bag

A set table, a secure living – that’s what you’ve earned through long, hard work. You'd probably think... but then you've done the math again without the cunning landlord (apparently an ancient story), you're cheated out of your wages and you're looking pretty stupid with empty fists. But what if that isn't the end of the story when a brother gets in the way and still has something up his sleeve? And then deliver justice with a hard stick...

Entry from 4 years old.
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