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Grand Classic Ballet Summer Festival

As part of its Summer Ballet Festival, the Grand Classic Ballet is staging the ballet classic “Sleeping Beauty”, which is one of the most important ballets in music history. The Grand Classic Ballet combines tradition and modernity in its production and creates a breathtaking cultural experience.

Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular ballets. Certainly also because it ends in a joyful celebration and in which some of the most famous ballet choreographies in the world are performed. The Sleeping Beauty is one of Tchaikovsky's best-known works and impresses with its special sounds and harmonies.

The fairy tale of Princess Aurora, redeemed by a prince's kiss, is an integral part of ballet history. Tchaikovsky's music, the technical precision and grace of the ballet ensemble, as well as the stage decorations and costumes create a convincing symbiosis that brings the fairy tale to life in a moving way.

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