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The issue of geoengineering is considered the last exit from climate change. But whether people are well advised to correct the climate in an emergency because humanity is increasingly approaching the climate tipping points is a question the author has dealt with intensively.

Quotes about the book:

“Geoengineering or social-ecological transformation? This climate question is answered crystal clear in the thriller TOTAL RESET; a captivating science-policy thriller of unusual caliber!”

Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen

“The book TOTAL RESET gets under your skin because it is not a science fiction crime novel, but rather presents our future climate situation scientifically. Just right for anyone who is thinking about it. The topic is presented in a really easy-to-understand manner, even for laypeople.”

Petra Dreesen, bookstore dreesen-lesen Dortmund

“What was intended for the good and salvation of humanity threatens to destroy us through greed for power. The author gave us a realistic, almost dystopian book with a lot of background knowledge and a thrilling story.”

Daniela Müller, Hugendubel Berlin

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