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Ugo Dehaes' robots are special dancers: Some crawl across the table like caterpillars, others stumble around like puppies, some turn flexibly in all directions, some monotonously repeat the same movement over and over again.

»Simple Machines« tells the story of an artist who wants to abolish himself and leaves the stage to the unique physical possibilities of machines and the choreographic skills of artificial intelligence.

With this, Ugo Dehaes has created a highly playful robot ballet that sensually asks how people want to deal with the digital transformation.

  • Duration 50 minutes
  • in English spoken language with interpretation in German spoken language

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Additional information
Concept, choreography, performance Ugo Dehaes Scenography, composition Wannes Deneer Dramaturgy Marie Peeters Silicon objects in collaboration with Rebecca Flores Constructed by Kristof Morel Interpreter Leah Wewoda Production kwaad bloed & Tuning People Co-production with C-takt Collaboration with STORMOPKOMST Distribution Vincent Company Thanks to AI Experience Center VUB, Caroline Pauwels, De Factorij, Gertjan Biasino, Hans De Cank, Pol Eggermont, Roeland Luyten