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The poems by Radmila Petrović (born 1996 in Užice) in the volume My Mama knows what's going on in the cities (Verlag Voland & Quist 2023, translation: Philine Bickhardt and Denijen Pauljević) lead the readers into a rural, brutal one World of drunken courtyards, neighborhood feuds and squeezed pork cracklings.

It is a male-ruled world where the birth of a daughter is perceived as a defeat. Being a woman is worse than a dog, it is said at one point, at another: “girls who are born that way / do not know the gods.” Petrović describes herself as a growing girl, a loner out of necessity who has broken the curse of the forest carries within itself and loves “pistols, excavators and the hammer”.

Marko Pogačar's (born 1984 in Split) new collection of poems "Glossen gegen Gott" (Edition Correspondences 2022, translation: Alida Bremer) collects poems that are written with a "fishbone in the heart". They tell of the nights when "darkness creeps through the cows" and of March, which "deflates the hose of winter". They are profane notes on a failed creation, full of pyromaniac fever dreams. The world appears as the butcher shop of a "sausage maker god" and the poem itself turns into a fuse "to burn the world up".

The event will be interpreted into Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-German.

Kindly supported by TRADUKI

In reading and discussion: Radmila Petrović | Marko Pogacar

Moderator: Lana Bastašić
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