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They started on bar stools. They played in pubs. They fell off bar stools and gently landed on the big stages of the republic. They toured with Götz Widmann, sang stoner anthems together and were showered with almost every cabaret award the German-speaking world has to offer.

In the beginning there were two guitars and two voices. Then came the loop station. The beat. The orchestra. Hallelujah! 16 years like intoxication. Around 1600 performances. 8,000,000 kilometers traveled. 4 full-length programs. Numerous appearances for radio and television. They have shared the stage with Stoppok, Wader, Wecker and Mey, founded their own label and created a small festival where the greats of the scene come together.

The balance after 16 years is anything but sobering: We were young and smoked the money. In their new program, Simon & Jan present the best of 16 wild songwriter years. Why? Because they can.

"Touching like Simon & Garfunkel and surprising like Rainald Grebe." Laudatio Prix Pantheon

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