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The whole of life consists of smaller and larger decisions. To what extent do people really decide for themselves? Why do they stay in a place where they no longer want to be? Does free will really exist?

Szene aus Should I stay or should I go
Szene aus Should I stay or should I go © Petr Lebeda

The starting point of the production of the ensemble 11:55 is a torso of the play by the Norwegian Henrik Ibsen. From a freely interpreted text, one question remains: shouldn't we finally decide and act?

The aim is to break down the drama into elementary particles and to deal with each, even the smallest decision that occurs in the play. After all, lives are also a series of tiny decisions that people often don't even realize they have made. Ibsen's drama expands from 3 scenes to 120 scenes, based on concrete decisions made by the characters, actors and audience.

A parallel emerges between Ibsen's play, human experiences and choices here and now in the theater. Which decisions do the actors have to make and which ones do the audience have to make? Can everyone in the room decide to let a tear roll down their face over Nora's fate?

The production "Should I stay, or should I go" is a detailed study of decisions.
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Participating artists
Pavlína Balner
Michal Bednář
Petr Ťopek
Jan Hofman
Johana Matoušková
Daniela Šišková
Petr Erbes
Klára Fleková
Ivo Sedláček
Anna Klimešová