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Gloria Höckner & Team

Four performers and a humanoid sex robot engage in a game with surveillance technologies that analyse their emotions and classify them. They explore what it means to be »recognised« in the eyes of artificial intelligence. They hack their digital twins, transform and duplicate their physical bodies.

Their gazes cross those of the camera, faces become instruments. In immersive soundscapes, the performers momentarily shake socially constructed categories perpetuated in technology. They make the area in between their world and discover the poetics of glitches – disturbances in the system.

Gloria Höckner (they, them) deals with the relation of the body to technology and (power) structures. After »Futurecore 2000 – All Beats Are Beautiful« as part of »Introducing…« at the Performing Arts Festival 2020, »Sentimental Bits« is Glorias second collaboration with Ballhaus Ost.

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Artistic direction, co-choreography, concept Gloria Höckner

Performance, co-choreography Katja-Maria/Kay Taavitsainen, Lois Bartel, Rebecca Pokua Korang, Tanja Erhart

Dramaturgy Isabel Gatzke

Music Victoria Keddie

Costume, masks Ilona Klein

Text Isabel Gatzke, Gloria Höckner

Stage design Einsiedel & Jung

Light design, technical direction Ricarda Schnoor
 Programming Paul Geisler, Fabian Nitschkowski 

3D-models Vanessa A. Opoku 

Production management, communication Stückliesel 
Video-operator Mateo Bialokozowics

A production by Gloria Höckner in coproduction with K3 and in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost Berlin. Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Elbkulturfonds, Co-financing fund of Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.