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Join a women-only self-photography and collage workshop: a journey to self-love and body positivity! The aim of the workshop is to bring women into harmony with their bodies and to take away their feeling of insecurity when taking photos.

The workshop is divided into two parts:

1. PHOTO SHOOT with Ātma Portrait Studio
A 15 minute self-portrait photography session where you take and print studio photos of yourself. You are alone with the camera behind the privacy curtain and take your digital photos home with you.

2. FLOWER COLLAGE with Lucille Guder Art
A work of art will be created based on one of your photos taken in the studio for you to take home. By combining the collage technique (with dry flowers and papers) and acrylic paint, you will enlarge your body even more!


* Introduction and instructions
* Discussion about women's relationship with their bodies
* Self photography
* Break (drinks and snacks available)
* Flower collage workshop

You'll go home with up to 40 high-quality digital photos in black and white and a handmade collage of your body.

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