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When Sebastian Rüger isn't exceptionally playing the Nuhr at Böhmermann, he's full-time one half of Germany's most unique absurdist duo Ulan & Bator (they're the ones with the bobble hats). His first solo is more personal without a hat, but no less colourful, confused and just as funny.

With the audience, Sebastian Rüger embarks on an expedition into the realm of misunderstandings between being, the world and the rest. In a varied and entertaining way, he explores whether he asks himself too many questions or not enough, whether he has understood everything or nothing, is half autistic or a whole asshole, unrecognized gifted or obviously stupid - or all at the same time?

And last but not least: Do others feel the same way? He also has his drums with him – maybe there will even be an encore at the ufaFabrik with Markus Reuter (Stick Men, King Crimson Alumni) as a guest musician, let's see. A sea of possibilities. Wonderful to spin.

(Program In German)

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