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In reference to Identical, her current solo exhibition at KW, Emily Wardill presents a film program at Babylon, together with the exhibition’s curator Mason Leaver-Yap. The program includes short films that conjure, question and distort representations of the human body on screen, and are presented together in the logic of the mixtape.

The screening traces the migration of images – from colonial film archives to Hollywood cinema, through to well-known formats such as the home movie and the amateur sex tape. Both artist and curator join the event in person, for a post-screening Q&A. The duration of the event is approximately 110 minutes.

Selection of films shown

  • Balada de um Batráquio, PT, 2016, R: Leonor Teles, 11 Min. [Original version with English subtitles]
  • DINOSAUR.GIF, DE, 2014, R: Anna Zett, 22 Min. [Silent movie] 
  • False Wife, UK, 2022, R: Jamie Crewe, 16 Min. [Original version with English subtitles]
  • Specialised Technique, UK, 2018, R: Onyeka Igwe, 7 Min. [Original version with English subtitles] 
  • Within Heaven and Hell, US, 1996, R: Ellen Cantor, 16 Min. [Original version]
Additional information
Meeting point: Venue: Babylon

Booking: Tickets via Babylon,